Ways You Can Create the Product Filters

Filtering in Shopify: Ways You Can Create the Product Filters


Big E-commerce stores have to offer their visitors with the most convenient presentation of the products, particularly specially if they’re divided in collections. Shopify collection filter is the best method to help the potential customer to focus more on the specific product criteria. And Shopify themes with the filters sort a variety of products presented in as store as well as create the top conditions for the quick search & purchase. Among different search filters, multi-tagged sidebar filter in Shopify in Turbo theme is totally worth an attention.

What Are Filters by the Type of Product? 

The tags are made for marking some related information elements. The visitors who are interested in a product, and ll types of the characteristics. For instance, tag “Winter” will be added to the winter clothes and shoes. Filtering by this particular tag can offer visitor of a store this group of the winter products. It is convenient for a website administrator, who will hide winter products from the sales channels at an end of a cold season.

List of the search filters is very large and covers all criteria that is important to a buyer:

  • filter by color;
  • filter by size;
  • filter by price range;
  • filter by vendor;
  • filter by product style;
  • filter by the type of material, etc.

Suppose you wish to add filters in Shopify, store app will help you out. There are some good Shopify collection product filters for the categories of apps in their store:

  • search products;
  • points of sale;
  • store design;
  • marketing;
  • sales and conversion;
  • orders and delivery;
  • inventory management;
  • finance;
  • staff productivity;
  • report writing.

Like you may see, Shopify filtering is the most convenient tool that can help you to manage the e-business thoroughly.

How Can You Add Tag on Shopify? 

Follow given steps of the simple tutorial:

    First open the web page having information about the particular product and about the administration functions (order, client, etc.);

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    Then select desired tag from a list or enter the name manually;

    Click in “Save”.

And to delete, click on “x” next to a tag & “Apply changes”.

Suppose you wish to use Shopify several filters groups, then there are a few limitations:

  • Sidebar will be used for just 5 groups. The restriction isn’t significant for majority of the stores. Besides, too-long panel will be inconvenient for the users.
  • Tag must be in products of collection. Suppose there is not any tag in one description, it won’t get displayed. That is to prevent any kind of unnecessary tags from getting used to display this collection.
  • Just one filter will get applied to a group. Suppose, for example, you want to filter the items in red & brown, filtering can be done simultaneously by same size & color.

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