A nice painting has a power to connect to you immediately. With intrinsic qualities to calm everyone, everyone loves to bring them home for all the positivity. One such painting that brings good vibes to any space is Buddha paintings. Yes, Buddha paintings in your living room will bring a sense of serenity associated with this divine personality. Therefore, here are top 7 beautiful Buddha paintings to lighten up your hall or living room without changing any other element like wall color, furniture, or décor showpieces. You can buy paintings online for an exclusive living room from different platforms like The Bimba, ArtZolo, Fizdi, and more.

7 Exclusive Buddha Paintings for Living Room

1. Vairocana Buddha Painting

The very first Buddha painting on the list is this Vairocana Buddha painting. This kind of Buddha artwork highlights Lord Buddha in a sitting position with a unique hand gesture. He holds the right hand’s index finger with the left hand. This specific gesture recognizes Lord Buddha as Vairocana.

You can buy this painting online from The Bimba in multiple sizes, including mini, small, medium, large, and extra large size to highlight the blank walls of your living room.

2. Enlightened Buddha Amida Painting

Another beautiful Buddha painting is this Buddha Amida painting. Within the tradition and culture of Mahayana Buddhism, everyone focuses on Amitabh Buddha, which means “infinite light.” The painting shows Amitabha Buddha in a standing position. It is believed that his positive aura in the form of light spreads everywhere. So, you can also enlighten your living space with this divine artwork!

3. Amitayus Mandala Buddha Painting

The Amitayus Mandala Buddha painting is a divine art for living room of any theme. Amitayus Buddha means the Lord of long/infinite life. The painting shows Lord Buddha sitting in a Vajra position where the hands were always in the meditation state. Above his hands, there is a vase filled with rich nectar of immorality. The entire artwork looks mesmerizing! By adding Amitayus Mandala Buddha artwork in your living room, you’re wish for the long life of yourself and family.

4. 8 Medicine Buddha Painting

The painting of 8 Medicine Buddha is associated to physical and mental healing. The Buddha medicine, also known as Tibetan medicine supports mind and body healing. By hanging this painting in your living room, you establish a connection with medicine Buddha by following his healing mantras and meditation postures.

5. Buddha Madhubani Painting

Here is another exquisite Buddha painting in Madhubani painting Style. This painting will look stunning in any living space owing to its rich color blend and beautiful sketch work. The painting shows Lord Buddha sitting under a tree and surrounded by Deers and sunflowers. The whole artwork is so intricate and has power to start a conversation anytime!

6. Sleeping Buddha Painting

The sleeping Buddha painting is one of the most picked type of painting that people love to buy and adorn their home with. The painting depicts Lord Buddha is a sleeping posture and surrounded by Lotus flowers. The color combination also looks extraordinary and fits all living rooms perfectly!

7. Lord Buddha & Disciples Pattachitra Painting

The Lord Buddha and disciples’ pattachitra painting style is no less than any of the above paintings. The painting shows Lord Buddha sitting under the tree with his followers to seek his advices and guiding on different matters. From sketch work to colors, each aspect is extremely beautiful and makes the painting an ideal addition to the living room!


Lord Buddha and his blessings are great way to bring good vibes to any living room & home. If you don’t have enough space to keep a Buddha statue, these 7 Buddha paintings are your go-to options. The Buddha paintings in regular, Madhubani style, Pattachitra style, or any other style are extraordinary and capable of making any atmosphere divine and positive!




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