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Best Colour Options for Modular kitchen


A kitchen should appear welcoming and appealing. Always remember that just the feeling of cooking food does not give you satisfaction but also the ambiance of the surroundings. Hence, you must pay attention to the modular kitchen design you choose. One of the prime elements that influence the design of the kitchen is the colour combination. By selecting the right colour combination, you can create a very positive vibe in the kitchen. Mentioned below are a few colour combinations that you can choose for your modular kitchen:

01 of 08 Blue and white combination

If you are not sure what colour combinations will suit your kitchen design, consider choosing a blend of blue and white. Using this combination, you can create a very fresh and sea-like vibe in the kitchen. Experts suggest painting the cabinets with various shades of white and blue. It will give your kitchen design a very simple yet sophisticated look. You can get creative and paint other parts of your kitchen with white and blue.

02 of 08 Combine green, grey, and red

Your kitchen design can make you feel like a real chef if you can choose the right colour combination. Create an artistic vibe in your kitchen by choosing a combination of red, green, and grey colours. While red and grey can be used for the cabinets to create a bold and vibrant look, the green paint can be used for the walls to tone down the brightness level.

03 of 08 Mix pink with grey and green

Want to give your modular kitchen a breath-taking appearance? Consider choosing a combination of pink, grey, and green. These three paint colours, when combined together, can make your kitchen appear very stylish. Consider adding metallic shade objects in this setup like golden or silver lampshades and drawer latches. It will surely enliven the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen design.

04 of 08 You can never go wrong with the standard white colour

If you are looking for the best colour for your modular kitchen interiors, nothing can beat the all-time favourite white colour. The standard white colour is ideal for modular kitchen designs that feature a contemporary look.  Although it looks very simple and minimalistic, it certainly adds a very elegant feel to the space. However, you must always keep in mind that white gets dirty easily and you have to clean the kitchen every day to ensure it appears neat and tidy. If you cannot keep up the maintenance, avoid opting for white kitchens.

05 of 08 The perfect combination of blue and black

Want a traditional and retro kitchen design? Consider adding a combination of black and blue to the setup. While you can paint the kitchen cabinets blue, choose black for the walls. The beautiful combination will add a very vibrant and warm feel to the interior design.

06 of 08 Combine blue with copper and gold

If you want your modular kitchen interior design to appear very shiny and shimmery, a metallic texture can do wonders. The combination of blue with copper and gold gives the kitchen a very elegant look. Paint the walls of your kitchen blue and give the shelves, knobs, handles, etc. a gold and copper finish. This combination will certainly take your kitchen design up a notch.

07 of 08 Brown

Want to add a stable and warm feel to the kitchen design? Experts say that brown is the go-to colour to make any space more inviting. By adding brown to your modular kitchen interiors, you can turn it into a more relaxing and cosier space. Do not just add one shade of brown to the entire kitchen. It will make the decor appear monotonous. Add different shades of brown rather.

08 of 08 Pink with Red

Bring in charm and passion by introducing pink and red to your kitchen design. To give it a more sophisticated touch, you can consider adding other colours to the combination as well like white, brown, and grey. However, do not overdo it. Introducing too many colours can make your modular kitchen design appear cheap.

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