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5 Benefits Of A True Friendship: Scientifically Proven:


If you left the city where you lived most of your life. Now, as time went by, you began to remember each of your friends: you will definitely missed their talks, their advice, their laughter, those meetings, and parties, or you just missed telling and talking about your life.

You still miss them and despite the distance and the years, you realize that true friendship never breaks. On the contrary: it strengthens more and more over time and being in contact with old friends is something delicious.

Friends appear at all stages of our lives: from childhood to adulthood, and everyone always leaves a life apprenticeship.

Why is it important to have friends? Here you will find all about friends benefit and some reflections on everything that friends do for us, maybe they will help you to value yours more:


These relationships are solid, sincere, positive; Friends are always there to support you at any time in life and help you grow, improve many aspects of our personality. With them, you can cry and laugh.


Often, in friendship, there is someone who gives orders or influences the activities that will be carried out. This point is important to develop in life, so you will learn the things you must do to be able to lead a group and possibly serve you for your personal development.


For a real friendship to exist, similar interests must be had. The goals and objectives are indispensable to be able to be together; Thanks to this, identifications between people are generated, links of help and unconditional protection are created.


In friendship, we learn that it is essential to be sincere and trust. If this value is broken, it is impossible for friendship to be the same again, because there will be no trust. This allows the creation of bonds that last a lifetime. A true friendship will be present even in the distance, in good and bad situations.


The advice, opinions, and criticisms that friends give us are often a great influence in making important decisions. Sometimes just listening to our problems, doubts or challenges is an impulse to do unthinkable things.

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There are many values   that are reinforced with friends, so you have to keep them and love them very much. Take some time to tell your friends how important they are to you, don’t neglect them because friendship should be strengthened day by day.

There are many ways to be present, even in the distance. Be part of the history of your friends and value everything they have done for you, throughout life.

Friendship is one of the great pleasures of life. Maybe that’s why writer Linda Grayson said:

That is an extraordinary friendship! Be such a friend!

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