The Need to Understand the Value of Animal Shelters

Roger Wolfson – The Need to Understand the Value of Animal Shelters


Can you think of your community without animal rescue and shelter groups? Millions of poor animals are cared for in these shelters every year instead of being left out on the road. This picture is not very pretty, and its ripple effect is huge. The impact of public safety and health will be immeasurable without their presence. Most importantly, the impact on these poor animals again will be really devastating. There are several reasons where the community should appreciate, as well as support animal rescue and shelter groups today.

Roger Wolfson – Why are animal shelters important?

Roger Wolfson is an accomplished TV writer, attorney, scriptwriter, and speechwriter. He was appointed as the Commissioner of Animal Services for Los Angeles by Major Eric Garcetti in 2014. It was a volunteer position. It was during this tenure that Los Angeles had taken an aggressive stand of No-Kill. He says that animal shelters are important for the following reasons-

  1. Not all animals are safe for people– Though most animals are fine with humans, some animals are dangerous. In some cases, they need to be taken off the roads for safety. Animal control and care officers take up the onus of ensuring these dangerous animals are off the roads to ensure people in the community are safe.
  1. Animal Shelters help people learn and grow- Animal shelters are places where adults and children can learn about animals. Several shelters have educational public health programs so that people and kids are able to learn more about animals. They get to know about their habits and ways to rescue them and keep them protected.
  1. Shelters can give companionship and love- They are great for people who are looking for animal companions and pets for their family. There are multiple occasions where people have walked in and taken home an adopted pet for their forever home.
  1. Taking care of unwanted kittens and puppies- These homes conduct regular neuter and spay effort to control the increasing tide of puppies and kittens. They have partnerships with veterinarians in the community, in-house clinics to take care of the animals, and other voucher programs that are low in cost. These shelters play an important part in catering to homelessness and overpopulation. They focus on preventive measures and not the aftermath of the problem. If the issue is taken care of in the beginning, this step helps society a lot.
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As stated by Roger Wolfson animal shelters play an integral role in improving the well-being and the health of all the animals housed there. They control disease and ensure the community is safe. People should stop for a moment and appreciate the hard work that people in these shelters do for these poor animals. Most of this work is done silently without fanfare. The motto of these animal shelters is to save lives. Abandoned and unwanted animals get home and the love they need. Their work is profound, and those people who care for the voiceless surely deserve to appreciate and praise.

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