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Buying Sunglasses without Looking at Face Shape


When talking about eyewear, you will hear from people that certain shapes won’t suit you, which is probably true because everyone is different. But, you shouldn’t only look at your face type because it can’t be a perfect measurement for what will be the best choice for you when it comes to comfort. When you are choosing your Chloe Glasses, you should check the measurements first.

It doesn’t mean too much when you have an oval, heart shape, or square face when you get a pair that is too large or too small. The only thing you should check is the width, length and features. These three factors are the only measurements you need to find a perfect fit.

Face Width

Some models can actually look very funny on some people for example when they get very large dimensions that cover half of their head. Even if some designs are meant to be big, it doesn’t fit everyone and every style so it’s important to know how to match it. People with narrow profiles are those that are between 115 and 127mm which should get 118 to 128mm frames.

Wide are from 140 to 152mm which should go with the same frame width. Everything in between is considered as a medium but another important part to consider is the overall design. Some features can be a bit larger and stand out from the standard dimensions. You would want to try these sunglasses before buying them because they are usually harder to match with a certain type of style.

Face Length

One thing that you should remember about the length is that it should be measured from the start of your hairline. This doesn’t count if you have bangs of fringe hairstyle. The bottom line is your chin and if you have a 1.5 times longer profile than the width, it is considered as a long shape. Click here to find out more.

For people that have this type of feature, you would want to find glasses that have longer lenses. They are the ones that will cover most of the area so it’s not very recommended to get circle models. The medium height of a frame is from 36 to 44mm. Even a higher option won’t be a bad idea because they won’t appear big on a longer face.

Facial Features

It’s hard to set a few types of oblique that will describe every individual because of the features everyone has. You might have a smaller nose or thick eyebrows which are part of your look. Because they are an accessory, sunglasses can hide them or bring attention to your features.

The best way is to find a balance between shapes because symmetry is perceived as more attractive. Looking at a few celebrities that have a similar style to yours will help a lot in choose the design. You might also get the same as they did depend on how much you want to invest. But, when you know what size is the best for you, the last thing to do is to find the model that looks amazing.

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