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4 Amazing Types of Texture Paint Techniques for Your Home


Texture painting is gaining popularity and we are obsessed with it. Want to hide an imperfection like a dent or a hole in the wall? Textured paint is thicker in comparison to your regular paint and helps you to hide flaws on your walls. Feel like your home interior appears to be flat and monotonous? Use texture paints to add some depth, dimension, character, oomph and drama to your house walls.

Clueless about the different types of interior and exterior wall textures available in the market today? Read along to learn about the different types of textured paints and which one will suit your home the best.

Popcorn Texture 

If you want to add an old-world charm to your place and want to make it scream vintage, then popcorn texture is the perfect fit for you. This texture was a hit in the 70s and it is picking up steam again. You can introduce this texture in your living room, dining room or any feature wall in your house.

Originally, popcorn texture was only available in white but today you can get this texture in any colour of your choice. This texture is great to hide or prevent dampness or any other imperfection on your walls.

People who are planning to DIY their way through this texture painting technique need to remember that you need a special texture sprayer that has large nozzles to achieve this classic texture.

Skip Trowel 

Are you looking for an easy wall texture design which will make your place appear rustic, ancient and artsy? Skip trowel is a perfect pick for people who want a textured paint technique which will help them hide minor wall imperfections and add depth and personality to their home décor.

 You can introduce this texture into your dining area, living room or kitchen. It is an easy-to-achieve texture so you don’t need to hire professional help and can try creating it yourself.

In this technique, a trowel tool is used to design random patterns on a layer of plaster. The designs are created by skipping the trowel over the drywall clay layer in an irregular pattern. Hence, this wall texture design technique is called the skip trowel technique.

Sand Swirl Texture 

Looking for a dreamy, whimsical and romantic wall texture design for your bedroom? That is where the sand swirl texture comes into the picture. Sand swirl texture instantly makes your place emit a warm, calm and creative energy.

We recommend that you hire professional painters to create this texture as you will require two people to get this texture right on your walls.

In this technique, one person applies a porous primer which is mixed with sand on the wall and another person uses a brush, comb, hands or fingers to create a circular and wavy swirl pattern on the walls.

This texture is also a great choice for your kid’s bedroom as it will inspire them to dream and let their imagination run wild.

Comb Wall Texture 

Want a quirky and fun wall texture for your living room, bedroom or dining room? Comb wall texture is a perfect wall texture that will make your space radiate a creative and playful vibe.

 If you are a pro-DIYer, then you can create this texture using a comb or comb trowel. However, if you are sceptical about creating this texture on your own, then you can hire experts at Asian Paints to help you with your texture painting project.

Typically, people create a rainbow-shaped pattern using a comb and keep irregularly repeating the pattern throughout the wall. You will need to first apply a layer of primer on the wall and let it dry and then use a comb trowel to create uniform rainbow patterns on the wall.

Remember to choose a wall texture that looks cohesive with the theme of your house. Visit the Asian Paints website to get inspiration for interior and exterior wall textures that will transform your abode.

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