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Top 3 Cities In Which To Work As A Teacher In Kuwait


So you’re looking for Kuwait teaching jobs Awesome. We’ve rounded up the top three cities in which to work as a teacher in Kuwait and listed them below.

Kuwait City – The capital.

Kuwait City is the capital of Kuwait – and also the largest city in Kuwait. It’s also the economic and political center of the country, and home to most of its population. The National Assembly of Kuwait is located here, as well as many international companies, foreign embassies and educational institutions.

As a teacher in Kuwait City, you’ll have an opportunity to teach English to students from all over the world while learning Arabic yourself — through your students, co-workers and neighbors. You’ll enjoy living in a thriving city where culture meets modernity.

Salmiya – A large city by the sea.

Salmiya is a large coastal city and is the most popular place for expats to live. It has every amenity you could ask for and is close to the airport. The only downside of Salmiya, just like many other parts of Kuwait, is that it can be difficult to get around. You will need your own car or live within walking distance of your school. If you do have a car, then it’s easy enough to drive everywhere you need to go.

Salmiya has plenty of shops and there are several shopping centers including Marina Mall, The Sultan Center and Al Fanar Mall. There are also lots of restaurants offering food from all over the world as well as cafes serving fresh coffee in outdoor areas.

One area that Salmiya really excels in is its schools. American Creativity Academy (ACA) offers high academic standards with modern facilities including an Olympic-sized swimming pool and state-of-the-art science labs.

There are eight public parks in Salmiya – some large enough to include cycling paths, restaurants, fountains and more. The Arabian Gulf Street Botanical Garden serves as a relaxing space featuring two notable trees: the 300-year old ‘mother tree’ and the 500-year old ‘father tree’ which together represent the unity between Kuwaiti men (father) and women (mother).

Hawalli – A city near the coast and close to Kuwait City

Hawalli is a great place to work as a teacher, especially if you want to be close to Kuwait City. It is also near the coast, so you can commute easily to the beach on your days off. There are many shops, restaurants and cafes for you to enjoy in Hawalli, so there will always be something fun for you to do. If you choose this city as your workplace, it will likely make your life much easier because of its proximity to other places where many native English speakers live and teach.

There’s something for everyone in Kuwait

Kuwait is a place for both adventure and relaxation. If you’re the kind of person who loves to get outside and explore new places, Kuwait has plenty to keep you busy. There are rich opportunities for travel, with easy access to flights across the Middle East and North Africa. The Burj Al Arab in Dubai is just an hour away by plane.

A four-hour drive can take you out of this desert paradise and put you into snowy mountains near Tehran or Bishkek.

If it’s a relaxed lifestyle that you’re after, that too can be found in Kuwait City. Kuwait is a very safe country and an excellent place to raise a family. Plus, there are always great restaurants nearby where English speakers are welcomed with open arms.

Like any large city in the Gulf, Kuwait City has its fair share of nightlife and if neither of those two options appeals to you, there’s always the comfort of your company housing, which comes fully furnished with all the amenities one could ask for.

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