Stay away from a bad buy day – What are the simple tips to follow

Stay away from a bad buy day – What are the simple tips to follow


What according to you is your biggest money challenge? Is it paying off debt or saving money or earning more money? Considering the fact that you’re a millennial, it can be well understood that apart from facing the aforementioned money challenges, you also have another challenge to face – of living within your means.

How to stop shopping for clothes? How to stop shopping addiction? How to stop shopping online? These are few of the most common questions that are disturbing the present day millennials. If you too are one among them, here are few tips to follow.

  • Carry a list of the necessary things you need

If you don’t want to shop on needless things, you have to make a list of the essential things that you have to buy. With the onset of new weather, make sure you jot down all the items that your wardrobe requires. Add a sweatshirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers. Don’t dump on other extras. This way, you can steer clear of unnecessary things.

  • Steer clear of temptations

Do you always feel, ‘I’m a shopaholic and I’m out of control’ everytime you visit a store or a mall? If you’re aware of this tendency of splurging on things that you don’t need, don’t ever try window-shopping or unimportant trips to the mall to spend time. As you start off with aimless wandering in malls, this will lead to aimless expenses. Choose alternate ways of unwinding and whiling away time.

  • Stay away from retail seduction

The next time you move into a store environment, don’t forget that the retailers and the shopkeepers are professionals in promoting their products. Every piece of the shop, from lighting to layout are constructed to enhance your expenses. This is why there are several random things that you’ll find tempting when you go out for shopping. Never pay heed to such things.

  • Wait through a waiting period

Before you make any purchase, try to wait through a waiting period of a maximum of 15 days. The longer you wait before purchasing a thing, the better it is for you. After the end of the waiting period, if you still feel the need to buy that thing, you should only then go for it. This way, you can save from your salary and also avoid a bad buy.

  • Pay with cash

Whenever you think of paying with credit cards, you will feel like buying unnecessary things as you don’t have to pat at the moment. This is why financial experts tell you to pay with cash so that you feel the pain of parting with some of your hard-earned money. This is the only way you can stick to your list and not buy anything apart from that.

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