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Spectrum TV Silver package: what makes it the best?


Spectrum TV is a branch of Charter Communications. Spectrum TV is responsible for providing TV services to over 28 million customers in the nation of the US. Along with TV services, Spectrum also offers internet services and phone services. If you have a defined monthly budget, you should opt for Spectrum. You can get phone services, TV services as well as internet services all in one package for a very low price.

Spectrum TV network has three different TV plans available for their users. 

  • Spectrum TV Select
  • Spectrum TV Silver
  • Spectrum TV Gold

Features of Spectrum TV Silver

  • The subscription process of Spectrum TV Silver is very easy and simple.
  • The user can avail over 175 channels through this plan.
  • The cost of Spectrum TV Silver is very nominal. The company only charges $74.99 every month for the initial period of 12 months.
  • There is a chance the price might increase after 12 months. You can contact their customer service and find out the promotional offers in place. You can use the promotional offers to bring down your price.
  • They offer 24/7 customer service, which is simply excellent.
  • The channels in this package include Showtime, NFL Network, HBO max, and many others.
  • Availability of free HD
  • Availability of thousands of on-demand titles depending on your needs, requirements, and preferences.
  • There are no hidden contracts always included in the package.

The best feature of the Spectrum TV Silver package is that they offer you 175 channels to choose from. This way, you will be availing the best channels pertaining to news, kids, sports, entertainment, etc., in high-definition. This is not all that Spectrum has for you. You can further explore Spectrum by using the Spectrum TV app. If you choose Spectrum, you will get free access to this app. You can make use of the Spectrum TV app to stay updated with your shows when you are on the move.

If you do not find the channels over Spectrum network to be up to your liking, you can always choose the 30-day money-back guarantee feature.

The great features of the Spectrum Silver package are unending. Apart from the above-mentioned features, there is another feature available for customers to avail themselves. This is the free primetime on-demand feature. This feature offers the users of Spectrum a chance to view their favorite shows on primetime at no extra fee. You can choose when you want your show to be shown. This can be any time of the day, depending on your choice. The Spectrum TV Silver package also includes the pay-per-view content, which is not available with the Spectrum TV select plan.

Bundle it up with the Internet bundle packages

In today’s world, with work-from-home options being on the rise, only having a good TV network is not enough. A good internet connection is imperative for every home. This is where Spectrum differs from other TV service providers. Not only does Spectrum has combo plans which include TV and internet services along with phone services, but Spectrum also uses high Fiber coaxial infrastructure to deliver high-speed internet to their users. If you are residing at a location where the option of fiber-coaxial infrastructure is not available, the connection will automatically switch to the cable wires without hampering your internet connection and quality.

Benefits of opting for Spectrum TV server and internet packages

  • You will be able to avail over 175 channels
  • Free HD available
  • Download speeds over 200 MBPS
  • Availability of unlimited amounts of data
  • Free Internet modem
  • Free antivirus software
  • You will be able to avail nationwide and long-distance calling
  • Spectrum TV Silver is very budget-friendly and will not put a heavy burden on your pocket

When you return from work after a long day, your mind and body wants to unwind. You want to give your mind some space to just relax and destress. Spectrum can help you with that. You can set your favorite shows to come during the time when you’re free. This way, you will be able to watch your favorite TV shows at a time when you are free and relaxing. With Spectrum TV Silver package offering over 175 channels, you will receive channels meant for every member of the household, from kids to movie buffs and news, et cetera. Whatever you want to watch, Spectrum TV Silver network will fulfill your wishes

Ever since Coronavirus hit the world, the importance of TV and a good internet connection has risen by leaps and bounds. You do not know when will the next lockdown or the pandemic occur. When faced with such uncertain situations, it is best to get prepared with a fully functional internet connection and TV network so that the work can keep going.

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