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Everything You Need to Know About Domain Name Registration


A business’ success depends largely on its strong online presence, which is attained through a website with a unique domain. Nevertheless, the quality of a website has an impact on the traffic, sales and profit. If a website is well-designed, it still has to attract visitors. A domain name is a website’s address and it distinguishes it from other websites. You need to go for domain name registration to have your prospective clients identify your website. With a short, catchy and memorable domain name, you can have people searching for your product, brand or service reach you without any difficulty.

How to select a perfect domain name for your website?

You can access a specific web portal by typing in a text on the URL space bar of a browser. Websites are assigned a numerical Internet Protocol (IP) address, which is complex enough to remember. A domain name replaces the numerical IP number with a simple, noticeable and memorable word or phrase.

This phrase or word if created using a combination of keywords used on your website can help the visitors know more about your business, product or brand. You need to be extremely careful when combining keywords as the word may look like a spam. The other important aspect is not to use keywords to make a lengthy domain name. It will be difficult for a potential customer to remember and type the name. Also, avoid using numbers and hyphens in domain names, for it may lead to omitting a hyphen or typing a wrong number.

A suitable domain name should be short, simple, brandable, memorable and catchy to bring in a lot of traffic, which will help increase sales and profit later on.

What makes a right domain name extension for your domain?

It is advisable to go for generic top-level domains (TLDs) such as ‘.com and .net if your business is commercial and want to have a global presence. For noncommercial enterprises, you can choose between ‘.org and .info’. If you want to attract local customers of your area or country, you can choose country-code domain names. For instance, if your business is located in Singapore, you can select ‘.sg’, ‘’, and so on.

In case you are looking for something else, you can check the new TLDs, which release every week. It will help you find a perfect domain name for your business.

How to do domain name registration easily?

1. To use a suitable domain name, you have to lodge a domain name registration application with the ICANN accredited domain registrar, which takes care of the new registration, as well as the renewal and transfer of the names.

2. Use a domain availability searching tool to check whether a domain name is available or not.

3. You may find most of your domain name choices being taken. Therefore, it is important to be creative and look for the option until you find the most suitable one. You can find a reliable domain name registrar to help you acquire a domain name for a reasonable price if it is taken and not used by the registrant.

4. Once you have identified a domain name, you can proceed to submit an application for domain name registration, which is accepted and reserved. You can find your domain and contact details entered in the database, which you can protect through domain privacy.

Your business website is easily identified and recognized through domain name registration, which helps bring a lot of organic traffic.

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