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Reasons You Should Travel to Vietnam This Season


Vietnam is a beautiful southeast Asian country that borders China, Laos, and Cambodia. Though it is not a world-renowned tourist destination, it is certainly one of the most beautiful places you would come across in Asia. Visit here and come across the best of the modern and natural world. You have beautiful cities and stunning natural wonders to relish both worlds. So, whether you are looking forward to going on a vacation for stunning beaches or great food, or incredible culture, Vietnam should be your calling this season.

Here, we list down the top reasons why you should take an international flight to Vietnam and explore its beauties right now. You can download a travel app like Goibibo to book cheap hotels and to sort out your air travel requirements.

  • Budget Tourist Destination 

One of the top reasons why Vietnam witnessed tourists from around the world is that this gorgeous south Asian nation is extremely budget-friendly. Whether it is transportation, food, accommodation, or other activities, you won’t have to spend a fortune on anything. Everything is pocket-friendly and hence, with a low budget too, you can plan to explore Vietnam. 

  • Rich History and Culture 

Vietnam has been in existence for thousands of years and hence, wherever you go in this lovely country, you would come across a beautiful blend of history and culture. The country has intriguing historical sites and archaeological places to explore and incredible culture to talk about. As the country has remained under the control of Chinese regions for several centuries, you would find Chinese culture in its roots. 

  • Picturesque Beaches 

If you are a beach hopper, then you should not miss out on visiting Vietnam this season. As Vietnam sits right on the shores of the South China Sea, you have stunning sandy and rocky beaches to explore here. After all, the country boasts of a coastline that stretches for more than 2000 miles. The must-visit beaches here include Ha Long Bay, Con Dao, Doc Let, Nha Trang, Ho Coc, Mui Ne, Da Nang, and Phu Quoc. 

  • Friendly Environment

Vietnamese are easy-going, simple, and happy people and hence, you would always find a friendly environment around you while in the country. Here, people are helpful, humble, and friendly, and hence, there is a tourist-friendly atmosphere that would surely motivate you to explore the local culture. Also, the locals here wouldn’t let you feel like a foreigner and would always be at your service. 

  • Lip-smacking Vietnamese Cuisine 

If food is what you go on a vacation for, then Vietnam is a perfect place to explore new cafes and restaurants. Vietnamese cuisine, though not popular across the world, definitely deserves to be explored and savoured because its luscious delicacies take your taste buds on a world tour. The must-try Vietnamese food includes Pho, Mi Quang, Goi Cuon, Banh Cuon, Banh Xeo, Com Tam, and Banh Mi. 

  • Thrilling Adventures 

Vietnam also has in store innumerable adventures for you on account of its diverse topography. So, if the normal doesn’t fascinate you, you have a number of interesting activities to indulge in to satisfy your soul. You can try your hand at scuba diving in Phu Quoc or explore the mangrove forests of Can Gio. You can also enjoy kitesurfing at Mui Ne or Caving in Son Doong. Vietnam also has great trekking trails, hiking spots, and motorbiking places.

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