Use These 5 Alternative Ways to Keep the Score board of Air Miles Ticking


Are you a globe trotter, effortlessly collecting air miles as you travel? Well, the exciting news is that there are several ways to earn air miles without boarding a flight. This article will show you how you can claim air miles while staying firmly on the ground.

You may be frustratingly short of a few miles to qualify for your favourite reward and wondering if you could earn miles without flying in this world wide pandemic situation. Let’s continue reading to find out how.

Five Ways to Earn Air Miles Without Actually Flying and Travelling

  1. Online Shopping: The next time you shop online consider visiting your program’s website. Most programs offer air miles against every purchase you make with their online partners listed on their website. Shopping online is something you may anyway prefer at this time; so why not get rewarded for it? From Amazon to Flipkart, you can shop from almost anywhere and continue to earn miles.
  2. Rewards Credit Cards: Co-branded credit cards go a long way to help you earn air miles by simply swiping these cards for everyday purchases. Some programs may double the miles if you use these cards on their websites. Although these cards come at a price, most programs offer bonus miles at the time of signup or renewals. A word of caution though; clearing your balance regularly is advisable to avoid interest payments on these cards.
  3. Paying Your Bills: Paying bills is inevitable for everyone. Won’t it be fun if you could earn something in return? Some air mile programs offer air miles every time you make online bill payments like cable, electricity and phone bills. Just make sure you visit the service provider through your program website and enter your membership number to record the miles for your payments.
  4. Rewards for Fuel Purchases: While there are many ideas on how to earn flight miles online, you have offline options as well, like purchasing fuel at the petrol pump. A few programs have partnered with oil companies to offer loyalty points or air miles each time you fill-up the tank. All you have to do is mention your membership number to the attendant while paying up for fuel.
  5. Magazine Subscriptions: You can now earn air miles for magazine subscriptions of the program’s print and digital media partners. However, these offers may be available only to executive members and come with specific conditions unique to each program. Some programs may require a minimum subscription period while others may require you to purchase both print and digital subscriptions.

Don’t Stop Earning Miles

Travelling at the time of this pandemic can be scary, but this need not affect your ability to earn air miles. A little planning and awareness can help you rack up your miles without stepping on board a flight. However, be cautious before your jump on the awards bandwagon. Always read the fine print before taking on any offers, to avoid any unexpected situations along the way.

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