Peter Max Is Famed For Being An Incredible Pop Artist

Peter Max Is Famed For Being An Incredible Pop Artist


The concept of pop art began from the streets of New York, just after the incredible popularity of Abstract Expressionists. Over the years, the world has seen several renowned pop artist, Peter Max is one of them. Mr. Max had aadditionally evolved from being a visionary Pop artist of the 1960s to emerging as a master of Neo-Expressionism in his later years. He is famed for creating a number of colorful and vibrant works, many of which have become a key part of modern American culture. Several of his earlier works are known to be synonymous with the spirit of pop art seen in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Peter Max enjoyed an incredibly fulfilling career as a pop artist

 The pop art movement essentially emerged in the United States and the United Kingdom sometime during the 1950s. This movement started off by presenting a challenge to the diverse tradition of fine arts by incorporating imaginary from various popular and mass cultures, including comic books, movies, and advertising. Many of the pop artworks even included various mass-produced cultural objects, as opposed to the elitist imagery found in traditional artworks.

Born in 1937, Peter Max became one of the most famous pop artists in the United States. He has in fact painted for six U.S. presidents, and additionally was the official artist for the Winter Olympics U.S. team of 2006. He has additionally created gorgeous art pieces for Super Bowls, World Cups, U.S. Opens and Woodstock over the years.

While he largely made his identity in the U.S, Peter Max was not born in that country. He was in fact born in Berlin, and later went on to life in Shanghai, China. Subsequent to living in Shanghai for a decade, he shifted to Haifa, Israel. It was from Israel that his family started to slowly move westward, while stopping in Paris for a number of months. It was in Paris where max was significantly influenced by art, and developed a good level of appreciation for it. After moving around his whole life, max eventually set up his home in Brooklyn, New York City. He additionally began his formal training in art at the Art Students League of New York present in Manhattan.

The career of Peter Max started sometime in the 1960s, when he opened a small art studio in Manhattan known as “The Daly & Max Studio”. At this studio, the worked on several advertising projects and books which went on to receive commendable industry recognition. A significant amount of work done at this studio has incorporated diverse antique photographic images as a distinct collage.  Max has always been a great fan of astronomy, due to which he became quite involved with psychedelic and counter culture imagery. His unique and vibrant works become extremely popular across the nation with the help of TV commercials.  To check out his work now people can easily visit the Indianapolis Museum of Art or the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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