Moving Inventory List

How to Make a Moving Inventory List


Although making a moving list can seem like a difficult task, it’s a crucial resource to have when getting ready to move. This is a document upon which you write down each of the items you’ll be transporting from your current location to your new one. Each item is described in detail, along with its estimated value and condition.

Why’s it a good idea to make a moving list before moving?

Although keeping organized and tracking your possessions are two of the biggest benefits of making an inventory list for your moving company, you’ll soon discover there are many more.

Obtain a precise estimate regarding the cost of your move:One of the most important factors that a moving company takes into consideration when determining the cost of your move is how much all your belongings weigh. With a moving list,you’llhave a visual representation of all your possessions so that it’s easier to calculate the weight of everything you own. Your moving company will also be able to use the inventory list to accurately estimate the time needed to move you and whether additional services are necessary. All these things factor into giving you a precise moving quote.

Reduce clutter so you save time and money when moving: Many people frequently underestimate how much they amass over time. Yourmoving list will help you clearly identify what you own and reduce clutter before the day of your move. The list makes it easier for you to spot items that you should either donate or throw away because you have too many, the item is out-of-date, or it’s damaged somehow. The fewer items you have to move, the lighter your shipment will be, and the less you’ll have to pay the moving company for your move.

Save time packing and unpacking. While compiling an inventory list for a move does take some time, it’ll help you save time by improving the efficiency of your move. This is because the list will help you quickly decide which items you should pack together. It’ll also ensure that your boxes aren’t overstuffed or too heavy andgive you a record of the contents that are inside each box so that unpacking is a simple and stress-free process. All these things are made possible simply because you’ve created a thorough checklist.

Keep your belongings safe throughout the move.Your list will help you and your movers track the items that were packed at the old location and compare them to the items that arrived at the new location. The list can also be used as a pre-made list of your belongings when you request a moving valuation. It’ll ensure you have enough liability protection (something that’s especially important when making a long-distance move). Furthermore, the list will become a crucial piece of documentation if you do need to file a claim for items that have been lost or damaged during your move. (Hopefully, this doesn’t happen, though.)

Which moving company should we trust with our moving list?

2 Guys and a Van moving company in Chicago, IL,offers professional inventory services to help you accurately document and organize your belongings. Our experienced team will carefully go through each roomand create a detailed moving list for you. We understand the importance of avoiding redundancy and repetition in this process, so rest assured that we will provide clear and concise descriptions of each item. This will give you peace of mind because you’ll know that your inventory is well-documented. Trust 2 Guys and a Van to provide you with reliable inventory services that simplify your move, contact us today.

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