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How To Avoid Canadian Immigration Fraud?


In modern times, Indians are passionate about relocating to Canada. Do you know why? Canada is the most developed foreign country in education, employment, high-quality living, etc. Do you know that along with hiring highly qualified candidates, Canada offers job opportunities to semi-skilled and unskilled workers? However, over the years, there has been a rapid rise in Canada Immigration scams, and these scammers target unskilled workers. Hence, you must take the necessary steps to prevent such scams. Rely on genuine Kochi work visa consultants like Croyez Immigration to prevent such scams. This blog will guide you on how you can avoid such scams.

Why Rely On Croyez Immigration?

Aren’t you curious to know that when there are several reputed Immigration Consultants in India, why you should rely on Croyez Immigration? Well, continue reading to learn the answer! Headquartered in Chennai, Croyez Immigration is the best overseas immigration consultant, helping aspirants get work permits, student visas and tourist visas. Their experienced and dedicated consultants guide you on immigration policies in Australia, Canada, Germany, etc. The clients who availed of their immigration services are happy with their support and guidance throughout the journey. From the application and documentation to the exam preparations, they guide you.

Rise Of Canada Immigration Scam 

People know of your passion for relocating to Canada. It paves a path for them where the scammers can earn a large sum by duping people. Well, you must be thinking about how they target those innocent aspirants. Read further to learn their methods of duping people. Suppose you wish to relocate to Canada. What will you do? You will search for immigration consultants in your city- Won’t you? Mostly, people search for such consultants in online portals and share contact information and personal details. Once you share these details online, they call or E-mail you regarding the processes.

When you show interest or raise a query, these so-called consultants urge you to visit their office. Visit their office, and thanks to their excellent communication skills, they misguide their clients. They promise that they will help their clients land a high-paying dream job. In addition, they inform you that though the Canadian immigration process is time-consuming, they will help you reach Canada shortly and ask for a large sum to initiate the process. Clients pay them the amount, and sadly, when they try contacting them, they get no response, which indicates that they have lost their hard-earned money.

How To Prevent Immigration Scams?

  • Research– Before seeking guidance from immigration consultants, research on immigration processes is involved. Check webpages of informative sites, such as Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Do you know why web research is crucial? Such websites provide vital details on the immigration process, fees charged, documentation, approximate time for visa approval, etc. Hence, later, if you visit an immigration consultancy firm and the consultants say something fishy regarding the payment and application, you can identify it. The result? These so-called consultants will fail in their attempt to dupe you.
  • Written Documentation– Request the consultant to write in detail about the service, fee involved, payment policies, etc. Do you know why? It serves two purposes. Talking about payment, when the consultants give you a written copy of how they are charging an amount, it gives you clarity. Hence, there would be no misunderstanding between the consultant and you. Secondly, god forbids it, but if the so-called consultants have duped you, you can show these as proof while complaining to the local authorities or regulatory bodies.
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions– Do you know what mistakes people make while dealing with a consultant? They hesitate to question consultants if they have a query. Some people do not understand the immigration process at once. However, they do not request the consultants to explain the process again. Do you know why? They believe that it creates a wrong impression in front of the consultant. Answer a question- Why should you hesitate to ask your queries? Do not forget that you are paying a hard-earned and large amount for a service. Hence, if you have any queries, you must ask the consultant. Do not think of what the consultant will think about you. Remember that your hesitation may incur losses.
  • Check certifications and license- If you find something suspicious and fraudulent regarding the payment policies, request the consultant to show your license and certifications. Do you know why certifications and licenses are vital? These documents are proof of their genuineness. Certifications and a license indicate that these consultancy services follow laws laid by the Government. Think about it! If a consultancy is fraud, will the Government issue these certificates and licenses, which the Government issues only when a firm is real? In addition, check the RCIC (The regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) number of the consultant. RCIC Number indicates that the Canadian Government has issued the license to allow these consultants to guide clients regarding Canada Immigration.

Note– God forbid, however, if the consultant has duped you, complain about it. In addition to informing the local bodies, inform the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. If you have any documents, provide a copy of it. Notifying bank officials in case of money loss is a great way, as they can help you recover money. Several people hesitate to complain about the fraud. However, don’t. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, there is a chance of you getting the lost amount back. In addition, if you complain, more people will learn about such scams. Hence, they will be careful when contacting immigration consultants.

Conclusion Croyez Immigration is one of the best overseas immigration consultants in Kochi. In modern times, there is a rise in Canada Immigration Fraud cases. The so-called consultants promise to help clients land their high-paying dream job. Hence, to avoid these scams, conduct in-depth research on immigration guidelines. Follow authentic webpages like Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Ask the consultant to write in detail about the service and the fees they charge, payment policies, etc. If you have any queries regarding the immigration or payment process, do not hesitate to ask. Ask the RCIC number of the consultant. If the consultant has duped you, inform the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

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