How Do You Know If a Letter or Manuscript Is Valuable - What Do Experts From Las Vegas Auction Houses Say?

How Do You Know If a Letter or Manuscript Is Valuable – What Do Experts From Las Vegas Auction Houses Say?


Beginners in the autograph world are like small kids in a candy store. They buy whatever catches their eye. However, experienced veterans in the field have a wiser approach when it comes to the buying and selling of autographs. They recommend beginners to keep their eyes open and buy less but valuable autographs and memorabilia. You must know what constitutes a valuable autograph. It starts with analyzing and shortlisting good auction houses that offer you autographs that are valuable and give your collection quality over quantity.

Understanding content with experts from Las Vegas Auction Houses

Experts from Las Vegas auction houses state you should be able to understand the content of the autograph first before ascertaining its value. Take, for instance, a letter or a manuscript written by a famous person. The letter or the manuscript contains the writing of the individual and contains a personal touch.  It denotes the creativity of the mind and can also come in the form of an illustration or message. Its content determines the value of this autograph. Again, experts from credible auction houses state the further is classified into grades- high, medium, and low. Again, there are micro-grades under the above three categories.

What constitutes a valuable letter or manuscript?

A good letter or manuscript illustrates creativity, and the writer will tell you something about himself or the endeavor he is in. It will give you valuable information and descriptions of crucial events. Likewise, a letter or a manuscript of medium content will give you interest that is of moderate significance or interest or an interest that is outside of the main endeavor of the writer. A low content letter or manuscript is just a sample of the handwriting of the person. It serves no interest and not considered creative in any way.

What about documents?

Documents that are the evidence of a key moment in history or were the cause of any memorable event are examples of letters with good content. Memorable documents have valuable content. For instance, The Declaration of Independence lays down the rights of an individual and the government’s purpose. The South Carolina Ordinance of Succession again has listed the causes that led to the disintegration of the Union. The patent papers of Thomas Edison for his phonograph invention has comprehensive technical content. Even a small check is valuable content if it is evidence of a payoff from the Black Sox gangster phase of 1919.

Experts from Las Vegas auction houses state that documents might not have as much content as manuscripts or letters; however, their value depends upon their importance. Again, when you are about to buy manuscripts and letters, check if they have been typed and have a signature. If yes, they do offer some value; however, if there is no signature, they are worth nothing. Professionals say these are just certain tips that you should keep in mind when you are checking out letters and manuscripts at autograph auction houses.

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