Harris Kreichman - Why are Mobile Emails a New Marketing Trend for 2020

Harris Kreichman – Why are Mobile Emails a New Marketing Trend for 2020

If you are a business owner and would like to reach out to your customers in a cost-effective way, you should embrace the benefits of mobile email marketing for 2020. Businesses both large scale and small-scale units are looking for cheaper ways to engage their audience and get a better conversion rate. Since more and more people have replaced their phones with smartphones, they like to check out everything on their mobiles. They can keep track of everything when on the move, and thanks to smartphones being WIFI-compatible, they often make important purchasing decisions on this device as well.

Harris Kreichman – Transform your business conversion rates with mobile email marketing campaigns

In order to boost sales conversions for 2020, you should dump conventional methods of promoting and marketing your business to embrace the benefits of new technology for reaching out to the targeted customer. Experts in digital and email marketing in the USA, like Harris Kreichman state that if you really wish to transform your business and reach the pinnacle of sales for your company, you should consider embarking on a well-planned and executed mobile email marketing campaign with the help of professional specialists in the field.

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He is an esteemed email marketing executive with over two decades of experience when it comes to the planning, management, and tracking of successful marketing campaigns focused on emails for various clients across many industries.

He is the owner of eTargetmedia in the USA and has led his credible email and digital marketing agency to be one of the most widely sought- after names when it comes to brand planning and incorporating successful email marketing campaigns that increase clicks, opens, sales and better conversions. He is a skilled marketing professional certified by the DMA and the Association of National Advertisers.

Ascertain what your business goals are and always proceed with a defined plan

He says the biggest advantage of mobile marketing campaigns is that it is affordable for any business in every industry niche. This means you are able to generate large returns on your investment without spending too much. However, he says that the email marketing campaign should be planned well in order to meet your short and long-term goals. There is no point venturing into mobile email marketing campaigns if you do not have a defined goal that you want to attain for your business.

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Harris Scott Kreichman says that mobile email and mobile browsing have taken over desktop browsing when it comes to the rates of opening emails and targeted traffic. He says that smart business owners have now identified the importance of mobile emails, and this is why they are optimizing their websites and their emails for the task. Mobile emails should be fully optimized in such a way that email copies are simple to read on mobile devices. This optimization covers images, layout, and design of the email so that it gives the end-user a pleasing and simple interface for reading the email and taking the desired call-to-action with success.

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