Expert Tips And Tricks For Setting Up Your Kitchen


From preparing your morning tea to making your dinner at night, a lot happens in the kitchen. This makes the kitchen a very crucial part of your home. You should pay attention to the functionality and design of your open kitchen to ensure it is perfect. It will help to make cooking in the kitchen a more convenient experience. Otherwise, cooking can become a very boring and difficult task. If you are not sure about how to plan your modular kitchen design, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you:

01 of 06 Think smart

When designing your kitchen, do not choose the placement of the elements randomly. It can reduce your efficiency while working. Instead, try to come up with designs that will make cooking more convenient. An easy trick involves placing the items that are used together close to each other. For instance, keeping your coffee, coffee cup, and coffee machine in one place will make preparing your coffee in the morning much easier. This will help to save time and reduce unnecessary effort. Similarly, your utensil rack, dishwashing liquid, scrubber, etc. should be kept near the sink or dishwasher. By thinking smart, you can create kitchen decorthat makes cooking very easy.

02 of 06 Sufficient space for the movement of traffic

While focusing on all the elements in the kitchen, people forget to notice the free space available in the kitchen. Free space is very crucial in open kitchens so that it appears appealing and people can walk freely without bumping into anything. This is important because people often do not pay attention to the floor while cooking. If the space is very constrained, people can trip and fall while in rush. According to experts, you must leave at least a 36-inch gap for your pathways. The pathway around the cooking zone should be at least 42 inches wide. If the kitchen is meant for two people working at the same time, the gap should be at least 48 inches.

03 of 06 The cooktop should not be placed along a busy path

You should not have too much traffic near the cooking zone. It can distract you and cause accidents. However, in some home designs, people have to pass through the kitchen to enter another room. In such conditions, you will have to very carefully plan the placement of your hob in your open kitchen. Make sure that the hob is not placed anywhere it can encounter a lot of traffic. This will prevent the person from getting disturned repeatedly while cooking.

While it is important to keep the hob away from the busy path, you must always keep the refrigerator close to that area. This is because people frequently visit the refrigerator to get food and water. By keeping away from the cooking zone, you can avoid the traffic while cooking.

04 of 06 Make use of the corner properly

The corners are often not used properly. If you have a small kitchen design, it is crucial that you design it properly. This will help to make the space more functional. Instead of leaving the corners empty, install drawers and cabinets for creating additional storage. However, do not opt for regular storage options. They might appear awkward and not open or close properly. To solve this issue, there are many storage solutions available specially designed for making use of the corners efficiently. You can store various items in them and open and close them easily. Moreover, they will not appear awkward like regular storage.

05 of 06 Install your microwave at the right height

Microwaves are an essential part of modern open kitchen decor. Just like you do not choose the microwave randomly, you must never choose its placement randomly. The correct placement will make your cooking experience more convenient. It strictly depends on the person cooking. However, if you have kids in your home, you might have to reconsider. According to experts, 15 inches above the countertop level is the perfect height for adults. However, a below-countertop setup is better when you have kids.

06 of 06 Install a kitchen island

Kitchen islands have become very common in modular kitchen designs. This is because it makes the space more functional. Depending on your needs, you can use the kitchen island in various ways. If you plan ahead how you want to use the island, you can create a better kitchen design. While some people use the base for storage and the island-top as an additional countertop for all prep work, others prefer serving meals on it. You can even place the hob on it for cooking or just install the sink on it for washing and cleaning.

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