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Consider the move with digital workplace experience


Every organization must provide an efficient mobile service that enables all employees to use the digital workplace experience, wherever they are. The Upwork survey found that 63% of companies have remote workers in their organization. It means that no matter where your colleagues are working, you can access your intranet anytime, whether you are commuting to work or traveling abroad. A highly accessible intranet can improve productivity because people can work in real-time (like commuting).

Games and rewards in the digital workplace

Using game design in the workplace is a valuable skill for attracting employees, advocating for the community, and supporting team assignments. The purpose of using game design in a professional environment is to introduce competition and team fun, attract staff, and actively solve problems together.

When designing Valo Idea Management, this new trend was taken into account. Because it contains gamification elements, Varo gives each team member a high score, and these team members bring new ideas and opinions to the suggestions of others. The idea rewards the person with the highest score at the end of the month. It promotes teamwork and helps tackle a common goal.

Allow self-help in the digital workplace.

Self-service is now a big business trend, and companies are developing personal online portals to simplify their daily work. It has a one-stop-shop system to access the documents you need, such as news, social groups, team projects, etc., reducing your growing management.

There’s a lot to do at work today, but with a bit of digital help, you can quickly accomplish your daily tasks, motivate them, and increase your sense of accomplishment. That’s why many companies are adopting self-service portals and encouraging their employees to become more self-reliant.

Give employees a chance.

TanyaHall, CEO of Greenleaf Book Group, told the company that a good company culture stems from how employees see themselves and the work they create. She thinks you can’t do it unless your team is working on creating the right culture.

“To build a good work culture, empowerment is essential,” said Tanya. Numerous studies show that giving employees more responsibility can boost their motivation and make them shine. She said you could enhance the capabilities of your colleagues by allowing them to participate in the solution. It’s a great way to invite employees to meetings to facilitate interactive conversations between managers and shop floor staff using internal communication tools.

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