Choosing Between Shopify And Woocommerce (WordPress) For My E-Commerce Store

Choosing Between Shopify And Woocommerce (WordPress) For My E-Commerce Store


When it comes to creating or expanding e-commerce business, platforms like Shopify and WordPress with WooCommerce are two of the most tempting options in the market, but which is better?   

This is a question that many startups or new entrepreneurs today ask themselves. 

If you want to expand or start your business, and you don’t know which one to choose between Shopify and WooCommerce (WordPress) to create your online store; here we will try to give you information to help you in your decision.  

Shopify And Woocommerce: Which Is The Best For My Business

Famous SEO Forum now explains the difference between both platforms and their key features. In addition to the reasons to install an electronic store, you will also know the advantages of each of these solutions to create or expand your e-commerce website. 

Shopify For An Online Store 

Shopify was launched in 2006; it is an eCommerce platform based on operation in SaaS mode (Software as a service), that is, everything is installed on remote servers and not on your own server or machine. 

Today, Shopify has no less than 800,000 customers, and its turnover in 2019 was more than a billion and a half dollars.  

Benefits Of Creating An ECommerce Store With Shopify 

We’ll break down the different benefits of Shopify in this article, but to sum it up, Shopify is well-known for its simplicity and speed of use. 

Domain Name 

When creating your store, if you haven’t chosen your domain name yet, you can buy it directly through Shopify. 

As you can see, everything is simplified here so that the process is less complicated when creating your e-commerce store. If you have a domain such as name, then you only have to indicate it while creating your store.  

Unlimited Storage 

In your subscription, this platform gives you unlimited storage capacity, and all your data is backed up daily on your servers. So fear not, you will never lose your job. 

Forget about hiring an expert for hosting, planning, maintenance, or correcting bugs. Shopify takes care of all this, and that is perhaps its main strength as it offers you all services mentioned above.  

SEO Reference 

With this solution, by default, you will have a reasonably well-optimized platform for SEO. The offered themes are all adapted to acceptable practices (from tags to other metadata) and follow strict standards by default. 

This guarantees a best seo agency in dubai site that respects the practices required by search engines to make your ecommerce store successful. 

Although of course, there are some more advanced issues over which you will never be able to control since it is a closed platform and you are not the owner.  

Maintenance And Updates 

Shopify is also responsible for protecting your website by periodically performing maintenance and necessary updates to the servers. 

It also protects the banking transactions made on your site by offering you an SSL certificate and using the HTTPS protocol. This enables the encryption of bank details, which makes a strong case for keeping your customers calm and confident.  

Payment Gateways. 

Shopify offers different payment gateways, like  Stripe or PayPal, and recently added mobile payment methods like Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, or GooglePay. So you have a compilation of solutions to help you in your efforts as a digital entrepreneur. 

Unlike other platforms, with Shopify, you don’t need to pay a fee to buy a payment management plugin, because it is integrated.  

Stock Management 

Once you have created your e-commerce store with Shopify, you can add as many products as you want, having access to the management of your stock and the variants, such as types, sizes, or colors of products.  

Blog Management 

You can create a blog and write articles very quickly, Or you can hire a best SEO Expert to get better SEO without having to pay for PPC for customer attraction.  


With every purchase, Shopify will automatically take care of sending notification emails to your customers, without you needing to set up a complex system or subscribe to an email delivery platform.  

Shopify Price 

As you may already know, Shopify is not free, and that is its main problem. When you set up an online store on your own server, once set up it will not generate extra expenses, in Shopify, you will always have to be paying.  

You can buy a theme or design for your e-commerce store between €50 and €200 on average, while their service offers three main subscriptions per month.

It also charges a 2% commission on the total of each of your sales. The plans are:

  • Basic Shopify: $29/month (or about €25) 
  • Shopify: $ 79/month (or €69) 
  • Advanced Shopify: $299/month (or €260)

Woocommerce To Create My E-Commerce Store 

Now, we will talk about WooCommerce, the first free online store system in WordPress. You already know that WordPress is an open-source CMS that can be downloaded and installed for free. 

And it is undoubtedly the best option if you want to have total control of your store and above all the possibility of growing or scaling your business without limitation. 

To properly install your online store in WordPress with WooCommerce, you first need to hire a web host. 

Though its installation and configuration are simple and you can find a multitude of free tutorials on the net, you will likely need the advice of a professional, or dedicate enough hours to make it work to your liking.  

If you don’t have these skills in this area, you will have to hire a developer or a web agency. 

To give you a price estimate for a WordPress site with e-commerce functionality with a good design depending on different options we are talking about disbursements between €850 and €1500, depending on who does it and their level of competition and competence.  

Benefits Of Creating An E-Commerce Store With Woocommerce  

Compared to other online store systems available on the market, WooCommerce has the following advantages:

  • High scalability and low cost compared to other systems.
  • Quick setup through the WooCommerce Wizard, where no technical knowledge is required.
  • Free WooCommerce: The plugin is free, and there are hundreds of add-ons with which to provide your store with extra functions, many of them free although others are paid.
  • Paid WooCommerce extensions are available on or Codecanyon.
  • You have a lot of templates or themes to give the store an excellent and professional aesthetic appearance.
  • International WooCommerce community to exchange ideas: WordPress support forum, a Facebook group “WooCommerceHelp and Share” and “AdvancedWooCommerce”.
  • In the long run, the WooCommercepremiumPlugins system offers great savings compared to Shopify and other e-commerce store systems.

 So Woocommerce Or Shopify? 

As you can see, to get started with e-commerce, the recommendation is that you do it through Shopify instead of WordPress simply because you can launch your activity at a lower cost and dedicate most of your budget to communication to promote your website.  

However, in the long run, Shopify will cost you more than WooCommerce, when you consider the monthly subscription and commission on sales. 

While with WooCommerce, once you have paid €1,500 to install your store correctly, you will no longer have another associated or additional cost.  

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