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Causes of Knocking in the Front Suspension


Knocking in the front suspension depicts the damage to the chassis of the car. Such sounds are often heard while driving over bumps. The car’s chassis is bound to get damaged over time because of the owner’s improper operation and frivolous attitude. To determine the actual cause of knocking in the suspension, it is necessary to conduct a thorough diagnosis using a luxury car service center in Delhi. 

Features and types of knocking 

It is absurd to understand the cause for the knock in the front suspension by sound. However, if you carefully listen to the sound, you will be able to localize the problem.

There are various types of undercarriage knocking:

  • The appearance of dull knocks in the front suspension. Usually, such sounds start rising from all sides while driving on a bumpy road. More often, they indicate wear of the shock absorber system.
  • Squeak while turning the steering wheel to one side. It represents the broken spring.
  • Ringing sound on a flat track. It shows breakage of the upper support bearing.
  • Strong creak that emerges while driving on a gravel road – a serious breakdown in the ball joints.
  • Minute knocking noise when the car passes through asphalt potholes and other irregularities. It represents damage to the stabilizer bushing.
  • Knocking in the car’s front that appears when you start the car from a standstill – weak suspension arms.

Professional mechanics from an online car service in Delhi can effortlessly divide knocks into beats and clicks. In the first case, this sound is accompanied by strong shocks to the driver’s legs or fellow passengers. Most often, such knock-blows appear periodically. Clicks usually occur at the starting of the journey. They could also appear while cornering in the form of a series of successive crunches.


Thus, the squeal of the undercarriage of the car can be caused by multiple reasons. If they are associated with the depreciation system, this is not the worst. A real threat to driving safety appears due to the wear of ball joints, levers, and other structural elements.

Suspension malfunction 

It often appears due to malfunction of the levers and, specifically, due to the wear of silent blocks and their structure deformation. On a large scale, this problem is also accompanied by poor vehicle handling. To verify the issue by yourself, use a long pry bar. In addition, it is also recommended to raise the wheel by using a jack, bend the lever with a pry bar, and check the backlash.

Deformations and peeling of the outer layer of the rubber from the metal part will also be notable. In such cases, the pieces are pressed out of the holes, and brand-new silencers are installed. The seats must be properly lubricated to reduce friction and also clean the element from dust.

Generally, silent blocks are small bushings made of rubber and metal. They are placed on both front and rear transmission and are designed to dampen vibrations and body twitching while driving. The primary feature of the silent block is in the “name” to remove sounds. Therefore, it is obvious why a dull sound is heard.

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