Beginner’s guide buying CCTV surveillance system

Beginner’s guide buying CCTV surveillance system


Over a last decade, we all have seen the market of CCTV surveillance system significantly.Having the graph of burglaries raising with every passing day it has become vital to have a reliable security system at every premises be it corporate or residential. CCTV surveillance camera has become most important component of security system all over the globe. It is the most basic system that one needsto install as security measure.Its usefulness cannot be overemphasized. It also serves other security methods – methods like manned security bearing 9mm ammo and guns canstay one stel closer to catching ill intenders. There are different CCTV surveillance companies that introduce new technology almost every month. Having so many options in the market, it becomes a task to select the suitable CCTV camera for your property. There are various factors that affect the efficiency of CCTV camera like the cloud system, your internet speed, etc. Here are a few things that are the deciding factors to choose a CCTV surveillance system.

  1. The Area You Plan to Cover– While choosing a CCTV surveillance system for your premises it is important to consider the area you want to cover. Do you need to cover indoor space or outdoor? Do you want it for daytime or round the clock? How wide is the area that you plan to cover? All these factorsaffect the efficiency of the security system you install and thus the security at your premises.
  2. Resolution of The Camera– The second and the most important thing affecting the efficiency of a CCTV surveillance system is the resolution of the camera. A resolution of the camera in simple words is the degree of clarity of the image captured. The main purpose of buying a CCTV camera is to get proofs against the crime if incase there is any in future. And to investigate you need a clear picture of the incidents. The resolution of the camera plays an important role in this. Hence find out the resolution and compare well before deciding.
  3. Optical Zoom Vs Digital Zoom–Nowadays a lot of people are aware about the zoom feature in camera and its importance. This is because when a CCTV camera is covering a wide range, it becomes necessary to zoom in and observe the details of the crime taken place. There are two types of zoom cameras available that are optical zoom and digital zoom. As a buyer you need to decide and choose based on the need of your premises. Optical zoom cameras come with adjusting lens that zooms and captures image with clarity. Whereas digital zoom cameras are fixed lens cameras that offer slightly lesser clarity depending on the range of coverage area.
  4. NightVision– Professional cameras are built with a feature to capture clear and uninterrupted footage in low or night light. This feature is called as InfraRed vision or IR vision. The reason why it affects the efficiency of cameras or your security is because majorly crimes take place at night in absence of light as it becomes difficult to identify the person in darkness.
  5. Place Where You Plan to Mount– To get a proper footage, it is vital to mount the CCTV camera at the right place. The right place is one that provides the right angle to the camera to cover a wide range, especially the area that is prone to provide easy entry or exit to intruders.

Keeps these points in mind while buying the CCTV surveillance system and make a right choice for to keep your property and loved ones secured.

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