Strategies To Win Buy Box On Amazon

5 Strategies To Win Buy Box On Amazon


Amazon Buy Box is a white box that appears on the right side of the amazon product listing, where customers can add different products directly into their cart that they want to buy. All the sellers on amazon do not possess this white box.

Only some customers that have good selling metrics can get a chance to win this buy box. This box has immense importance for the sellers. Let’s read why this buy box holds immense importance.

Sellers on amazon struggle and compete to win Buy Box. Amazon algorithm helps amazon to decide which seller deserves this box. Different elements affect the competition to get the buy box. These factors are mentioned below.

  • Pricing of the product
  • Refund rate
  • Order defect rate
  • Availability of stock
  • Fulfillment method
  • Reviews on the product listing
  • Shipping time

What makes You Eligible For Buy Box?

There is no recipe that can help users to win the buy box. However, there are some factors that can contribute to winning this box.

1. Professional Seller Account:

The sellers who purchase a professional seller account or pro-merchant account are eligible for the buy box. Any individual seller account or basic seller account cannot win the buy box.

2. FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon):

This service is offered by the amazon with an additional fee. This service allows the sellers to stock their products in amazon’s fulfillment centers. Whenever any customer places an order, Amazon will ship the ordered product from their warehouses or fulfillment centers.

3. Competitive Pricing and Product Conditions:

The lowest product prices do not guarantee a buy box to the sellers but product pricing is one of the major contributions to win this box. So, you do not need to minimize your prices without considering your competitors in the market.

If you sell used items on amazon then you are not eligible for the buy box. You need to sell new items if you want to win a buy box on your product listing page.

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4. Availability of Stock and Reviews:

If you meet all the three factors mentioned above but you do not contain a stock of your products then your buy box may go to another competitive seller.

The customer feedback is a door that allows the buyers and amazon to know about the quality of your services. The rate of negative feedback may or may not make you eligible for the buy box. The lower the percentage of negative feedback, the greater the chances to get a buy box.

There are no shortcuts to win Buy Box on Amazon. You need to deliver excellent quality to every customer if you want to win Buy Box. It requires time and smart strategies to get this box on your product listings.

Choose the right strategy for your business, products, and brands to win the box because with the implementation of the right strategies you can achieve anything.

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