Why plan a Dubai trip?

Dubai is one of the many countries where you would find almost everything under one roof. Well, let’s look at an example if you’re going on a family vacation and every member has a different choice like your kids might want to go to a place where there would be a lot of amusement parks. Your wife would probably want to relax on the beach and you on the other would love to spend some quality time at the bar or at a resort. So according to my analysis, Dubai might be the best place for you to plan your family trip, as it has an advantage of having an exposure to a beach, to a desert and to amazing high-rise buildings. Well, there is a lot that you can enjoy during your Dubai trip, so continue reading and find out all that you can enjoy while you are on your Dubai vacations.


If you love tall buildings then this is the place you need to be at for sure. This building is said to be the world’s tallest building and the most amazing part is when you stand on the top of the building you are also able to see clouds floating below you and trust me you will be amazed to see such a spectacular view. Another main thing to keep in mind when you visit here is to plan accordingly with the dancing fountain show; you cannot miss out this show full of colors and water movements which would be amazing to watch.


This is a place where you can further explore a lot of other things. The main place to go when you are at Jumeirah is the beach. This is one of the most famous beaches in Dubai and you would find a lot of fun events happening there. So when you are on your Dubai trip then you can’t miss out the beach life for sure. Moving forward you would also fin the very famous the palm here along with the Burj-al-Arab, which is again a must tourist place and you should definitely check it out. The last place that you might explore is the Jumeirah mosque which is beautifully constructed and you would love walking underneath the white domes.

Shopping In Dubai:

If you are a shopaholic then you need to take out time to explore the great malls and the local bazaars that Dubai has. Make sure to head to the Mall of Emirates, Dubai mall and the city center to shop at almost all the luxury brands. But if you want to do budgeted shopping then plan a whole day for Dubai Outlet mall which is a great mall if you want to buy almost everything at discounted prices. You would find great brands with huge clearance stock trust me you would end up buying everything for a much cheaper bargain. Other local places include the Naif souk which is known for their handbags and other traditional Arabic accessories.  So don’t miss out any of these places while on your Dubai trip.

So this is just a little bit of what Dubai offers to its tourist, to find out more plan your trip and tours with us and get a better chance in exploring Dubai while having a lot of fun.

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