Options you have in downloading a Google Play App

You are not supposed to download play store Google play store in particular. You should update it, but if it does happen (for a number of reasons) this is the article for you.

If you’re thinking that this is a tech buster article it’s not. This article will share some tips for you in order to get Google play regardless if you’re the person that got a phone from a strange company in China that doesn’t have Google play in it, the person that got an outdated device that the Google play no longer works, or you have a device that was intended for a different OS but you want to put Android in it instead and one of your reasons to get one is for you to experience Google play.

Try downloading in the official Google website: This is the easiest one there is. You don’t know if downloading the latest version will work or not. The only way to find out is to try it; it’s only a few MB of data. if it works it works, if not then you have to try other stuff as well (the longer process) Even if you think 90% of the time it won’t work, at least you tried.

Rooting: Having a super user access is one of the steps to do it since some APKs require you to root your device first. A heed of warning though, this is a very risky move because this can either make or break your device. Rooting your device is something more than just downloading APKs for Google play, it’s much more than that. But if it’s the requirement what do you have to lose right? Rooting is a complicated process and you do have different steps to take that vary per device so you need to be extremely cautioned. If still, you are not sure how to root a device better ask experts to o it for you instead.

APK: Of course after you got your device rooted, for this so you try and download APK version of the app and see if it works! APKs are tweaked newer versions or tweaked older versions of the device to work in older generation devices. Like rooting this isn’t 100% successful, some will be successful, some will partially successful and some won’t work. Keep in mind that this is not the advisable way from Google to get the Google play app, so there weren’t really any tests done officially.

Download other Google play like apps: There are other apps that have are Google play like. These apps were made for other OS to have this flexibility to tap into apps that have worked with Android. But not all apps will work but none the less there are apps that work so no complaints there!

Whether you go to the Google website to download, root your device, download APKs, use a Google play like app or try everything the important thing is to always think of the risks that are involved.

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